Finance ministry outlines strategic plan for 2020-22 at Cabinet meeting
October 01 2020 12:54 AM
Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Finance

The Ministry of Finance’s strategic plan for 2020-2022 was outlined before the Cabinet yesterday, Qatar News Agency reported.
This came at the Cabinet’s regular meeting at the Amiri Diwan, which was chaired by HE the Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Sheikh Khalid bin Khalifa bin Abdulaziz al-Thani.
Following the meeting, HE the Minister of Justice and Acting Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs Dr Issa Saad al-Jafali al-Nuaimi issued a statement on the details of the proceedings.
Based on the directives of HE the Prime Minister on providing the Council of Ministers with plans related to the competencies of ministries and other government agencies, public bodies and institutions, including all implementation programs and projects, the specified timetable for completion as well as standards and indicators for measuring performance progress in line with the comprehensive development vision, Qatar National Vision 2030, in addition to highlighting any partnership projects between the public and private sectors, if any, HE the Minister of Finance Ali Sherif al-Emadi gave a presentation on the strategic plan for the Ministry of Finance for 2020-2022 as following:
Follow-up plans for executive programmes and projects of the Ministry of Finance:
A- Financial Sector:
- The main target: Modern public sector institutions provide excellent public services and achieve financial sustainability.
- The medium-term target:
1- Stable state income.
2- Optimise the use of financial resources and public expenditures linked to the strategic plans of the state.
3- Efficient revenue for government procurement.
4- Appropriate fiscal policies that maintain economic stability and prosperity.
5- Effective management of state projects and quality capital assets.
- Strategic Objectives:
1- Developing and managing the state’s financial resources and ensuring their sustainability.
2- Achieving the highest levels of financial and economic stability for the country.
3- Raise the level of efficiency and effectiveness of financial planning and operations.
4- Reinforcing financial governance and activating the supervisory role of the ministry.
5- Developing and implementing effective medium to long-term financial policies.
- Programmes and Projects:
1- A draft review and regulation of state government fees.
2- Draft statistical data reports.
3- Financial Information Management System Project.
4- A project to prepare a disbursement plan linked to the 2nd National Development Strategy 2018-2022 .
5- A project to issue a comprehensive guide for bidding and tendering proceedings in government committees (electronic copy).
6- Government procurement portal project.
7- The Sovereign Classification of Qatar.
8- A project to provide financial data readiness according to the requirements of the SDDS standard (second stage).
9- A draft medium-term strategy for debt.
10- The Capital Expenditure Management Programme includes two projects.
11- Project (1): updating the projects portfolio.
12- Project (2): Modernising the digital screen.
13- Project (3): Creating and developing a portfolio of investment projects for partnership projects between the public and private sectors.
B - Economic Sector:
- The Main Target: A more competitive, productive and diversified economy, and a more dynamic and contributing private sector to the national economy.
- Medium- term target:
1- A greater contribution of the non-hydrocarbon sectors to the GDP, in particular through the priority sectors.
2- Increasing the private sector’s contribution to the local economy.
3- Reinforcing the position of Qatar as a regional centre of excellence for the priority sectors.
- Strategic Objectives:
1- Promote economic diversification and private sector development.
2- Developing and implementing effective medium to long-term financial and economic policies.
3- Promote economic diversification and private sector development.
4- Enhancing the pioneering position and participation of Qatar in the financial and economic field at the international and regional levels.
- Programmes and Projects:
1- A draft economic plan for Qatar.
2- A project to develop a comprehensive economic platform.
3- The technical framework project for the partnership between the public and private sectors.
4- A project to establish and develop a portfolio of investment projects for partnership projects between the public and private sectors.
5- A project to develop a method to raise the efficiency of co-ordination between stakeholders at the local and international levels.
C- The common services sector (support):
- The Main Target: an advanced administrative performance that achieves the institutional excellence of the ministry.
- The Medium-term Target:
A distinguished and advanced institutional performance level for enabling the main processes of the departments through a regulatory structure that is consistent with departmental procedures, improving communication management and an advanced technological environment.
- The Strategic objectives :
Improving and securing the IT infrastructure.
-Programmes and Projects:
1- Digital Transformation Project.
2- Cyber Security System Project.

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