A three-day-long Open Day event hosted remotely for the first time by the Office of Graduate Studies at Qatar University (QU) for postgraduate students concluded Wednesday.
The three days were divided according to the majors offered at QU, which included the College of Arts & Sciences, the College of Engineering, the College of Law, the College of Sharia & Islamic Studies, the College of Business & Economics, the College of Education and the colleges of QU Health (College of Medicine, College of Pharmacy, College of Health Sciences).
Some research centres at QU also participated in the event, which included Environmental Sciences Centre, Gas Processing Centre, Qatar Transportation and Traffic Safety Centre, Centre for Advanced Materials, Laboratory Animal Research Centre, Kindi Centre for Computing Research, Social and Economic Survey Research Institute, Biomedical Research Centre and QU Press.
The event, held via WebEx platform, involved participation of the QU Testing Centre, the QU Scholarships Office, QU Library, Admissions Department and the Office of Research Support.
The online platform helped a large number of students reach out to the event.
The Graduate Open Day is a significant event, as it provides all necessary details for the audience for applying and getting admission to the graduate programmes at QU, to take a step forward and improve their careers and academic experience.
This event targeted students who intend to apply for admission to graduate studies programmes during the spring and fall semesters of 2021. New doctoral programmes with a research track were announced, in addition each college talked about the programmes available and how to obtain admission.
During the event, the Admissions Department at QU answered questions related to the procedures for submitting an application. Representatives from research centres at QU discussed the role of each centre in supporting the students and involving them in the research work on campus, in addition to providing them with essential experience that will benefit those students after graduation.
Also, the students received information on the comprehensive services provided by QU Library, and the useful resources, either electronic or paper-based, either in English or Arabic language and how to access these resources when needed.
From another perspective, the Office of Innovation & Intellectual Property introduced the audience to the services provided by the office to researchers and graduate students working in the research field, and the support provided for individuals whose projects reached the level of innovation and are eligible for application to patents. To have a better idea on how to wrap up their research work, the audience were introduced to the services provided by QU Press, and how they can publish their research papers.
Professor Mariam Ali al-Maadeed, vice president for Research and Graduate Studies at QU, said various departments joined hands to provide assistance and guidance that students need to start and follow up on their career to graduate as skilled cadres capable of meeting social and national requirements.
Dr Ahmad Abdulla al-Own, dean of Graduate Studies said: “Qatar University, with all its colleges and various departments, is striving hard to provide the best possible services for its students to obtain the best experience for them during their enrollment in the university, even in different, emerging and emergency circumstances, such as the current circumstances associated with the spread of Covid-19.”
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