In order to assess pedestrians’ awareness towards road safety laws in Qatar, the General Directorate of Traffic and Qatar Transportation and Traffic Safety Center (QTTSC) at Qatar University (QU) has launched a survey. The exercise has financial aid from Qatar National Research Foundation (QNRF). Respondents could take part in the survey here. The link is also available at Twitter handle of the General Directorate of Traffic.
The survey can be taken in English, Arabic and Hindi and the survey opinions will be used to enhance pedestrian safety in Qatar. The interviewers will record the responses using a handheld tablet. “Participation in this survey is voluntary and respondents can withdraw at any time. There are no risks and costs associated in participation of the project,” the opening page of the survey says.
The survey covers various questions including ‘how often you jaywalk or cross illegally at unspecified locations in Qatar’, ‘were you ever involved in crashes with a vehicle in Qatar’ and ‘are you aware of the pedestrian fines imposed by the General Directorate of Traffic at the Ministry of Interior’. It asks respondents to rate the road safety for pedestrians in the country. The survey also assesses the satisfaction level with the existing laws, there implementation and safety measures and seeks suggestions for enhancing pedestrian safety. This survey will take maximum five minutes.
The questionnaire has obtained ethical clearance from Qatar University's Institutional Review Board (QU-IRB) with approval number QU-IRB 1224 E-2020. If you have any questions related to ethical compliance of the study respondents can contact at [email protected] All recorded information will be confidential and the results will be presented in aggregated form without highlighting individual responses. The results of this study will help the General Directorate of Traffic to improve pedestrian safety in Qatar. Fore details public can contact Dr Deepti Muley, Research Associate at QTTSC at [email protected] or 44036634.
Qatari law stipulates a fine of QR100 when pedestrians walk in the middle of the carriageway or do not use the sidewalk when available or do not use far edge of carriageway on the opposite direction of driving in the absence of pavements. The fine is QR200 when pedestrians fail to take the required precautions or do not use designated crossing areas to cross the road. A fine of QR500 is applicable when pedestrians do not follow traffic signals at intersections and when traffic police allow vehicles to move. The same amount will be charged if anyone breaks through military parades and processions.
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