QCS raises awareness about childhood cancers
September 22 2020 09:30 PM
QCS raises awareness about childhood cancers.
Awareness building messages and videos related to healthy food for the child are being broadcast

Qatar Cancer Society (QCS) has launched a campaign to raise awareness about childhood cancer, methods of prevention and early detection through an electronic campaign named, Fadetcom. Leukemia is the most common cancer among children in Qatar followed by cancer of the brain and central nervous system, according to Qatar National Cancer Registry, 2016.
Heba Nassar, head, Health Education Department at QCS launched the awareness campaign by broadcasting awareness messages and videos related to healthy food for the child and how to prepare suitable healthy meals, in addition to the importance of sleep for the child’s health and methods of maintaining it.
Several virtual awareness workshops were organised about child health and some were concerned with supporting and empowering children living with cancer and integrating them with healthy children for developing their skills.
She urged parents to ensure regular medical check-ups of their children and to be watchful for any unusual signs or symptoms. She explained further that mothers can reduce the risk of cancer for their children by minimising radiation exposure during pregnancy, breastfeeding them for six months or longer, and ensuring timely vaccination of their children. She also recommended healthy sleeping pattern for the children and keeping the atmosphere at home light and pleasant.

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