The Ministry of Interior (MoI) has once again urged people to be cautious while dealing with suspicious messages sent by cyber criminals about blocking one's bank card.
"Be vigilant and take the right steps to avoid falling victim to them. Remember to contact the Economic and Cyber Crimes Combating Department," the MoI said in a tweet.
The ministry listed the steps to be taken if an individual receives a message saying his/her card has been blocked. These are:

* Contact the bank immediately
* Ignore the message once confirmed it is fake
* Contact the Economic and Cyber Crimes Combating Department on 66815757.

The ministry had also recently advised people to protect their online IDs pertaining to bank accounts, social media profiles and email IDs by using strong passwords and by changing them periodically.
"Never share your passwords, OTPs and banking information with others," the MoI had tweeted.
Earlier, it had advised people not to respond to phishing messages through which fraudsters try to blackmail victims.
"Your awareness and attention to the emerging forms of crime enhance your security and safety," the MoI had said.

Last month, the ministry had announced that a cyber crime gang that defrauded its victims of nearly QR10mn was busted in an operation named 'Uncovering the Mask'.
The Economic and Cyber Crimes Combating Department arrested members of the criminal gang for being involved in cyber fraud operations and stealing funds from customers of banks.
They used to transfer these funds abroad, pay bills and make online purchases after accessing their victims' bank data. The total amount of such fraudulent transactions reached nearly QR10mn, the MoI had said.
The department had received complaints that some bank customers had been victims of cyber fraud and money stolen from their accounts.
The ministry had called on all citizens and residents to exercise caution, not to respond to these types of suspicious messages and not to disclose personal and banking data to unknown individuals or institutions. It also advised the public to approach the banking authorities to verify the authenticity of the messages they receive or inform the authorities concerned at the MoI.
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