* Parents will choose between remote education and blended learning based on children's needs, circumstances: official

Some 64% of people participating in an online survey have said they prefer remote education over blended learning for their children.

This was reported by local Arabic daily Arrayah, which also conducted the survey through its official Twitter account.

Around 3,735 parents and individuals interested in educational affairs took part in the survey over a period of 24 hours.

The majority of the participants felt that remote learning was the best option for their children in the current situation as some infections have already been reported in certain schools.

While expressing concern that remote learning would not be as effective as classroom teaching and students would miss some much-needed learning experiences and practical skills, they also felt that the health and safety of students was the top priority in these times.

Most parents stressed that the Ministry of Education and Higher Education's recent announcement giving parents the freedom to choose between remote education and blended learning is a very good decision that will help them address their concerns and avoid worrying about the safety of their children.

In a related matter, a senior official has said parents are aware of their circumstances and the needs of their children, and will have to choose between blended learning and remote education accordingly.

Mohamed al-Bishri, media consultant for HE the Minister of Education and Higher Education’s office, made the observation while speaking to Qatar TV on Wednesday.

It was recently announced that parents in Qatar have the option of continuing with blended learning for their children or switching entirely to remote learning from next week.

Blended learning, which has been in place since the start of the new academic year on September 1, involves a mix of remote learning and face-to-face teaching.

Parents have to carefully decide on the preferred mode of study for their children and this arrangement will remain in place for the time being starting next week. He said various logistical arrangements have to be made accordingly, which include co-ordination with Mowasalat for school buses and arranging classrooms (for in-person teaching) so that the numbers don't exceed 15 students in each room.

There will be a 'safe area' in which classroom for teachers to move around, in addition to adequate distance among those present as well as the provision of adequate sanitisers and other tools needed to ensure the success of the educational process.

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