It has been a golden decade for tech companies. Over the last ten years, tech companies built and grew that now dominate the entire world today, somehow one way or another.

Where some spurred mobile commerce, created powerful marketing techniques, invented new forms of content and built dynamic, influential consumer brands, others went a notch-higher — of taking over the charge of security and safety of the people and in today’s time reinventing and placing strategies to help governments and institutions in curbing the spread of coronavirus. One of the reasons why while the rest of the economy is tanking from the crippling impact of coronavirus, tech-based businesses are holding steady — even thriving.

There are two paths to becoming powerful in technology — start a new tech company that transforms our society or secure a powerful position in an established tech giant — either of it is not a laidback choice. Since technology is evolving everyday with new discoveries made and introduced, it’s quite a sweat to keep an eye on new trends, discoveries and innovations. Hasan Ezzeddine, General Manager at Bayanat Engineering, speaks to Gulf Times about leadership, entrepreneurship, expansion of HIA for thermal scanners, security and FIFA2022 and how tech could be implemented to avoid a disaster and a massive event like Beirut blast. Bayanat is a Qatari leading solutions provider for aviation and Engineering government sectors including Traffic Management, Military Defense, Airside and Terminal Systems with the deployment of a wide range of Communication, Navigation, Surveillance, Meteorological, Passenger and Operation Management, Lighting, Security and Information Technologies.

With ever evolving technology, how do you keep up with the new innovations and technologies?

Technology is evolving every day, we have close connections with our partners who keep us up to date, as well as we are always on the lookout for news and participating in world leading events. Some major events that we yearly participate in, include World ATM Congress, Meteorological Technology World Expo, and Global Air Traffic Management. The important aspect is to be on a constant lookout for our main competitors – that is a great stimulus for learning. We always try to be the best in what we are doing, and have the best partners supporting us with our projects. In addition to that, Qatar always requires latest and most advanced technologies, thus our clients are our biggest motivators.

You deal with Operation Management as well as Security and Information Technologies, how do you think both can be employed to avoid any disaster like the Beirut blast that happened last month?

Security and IT is a great tool, but this tool has to be implemented and used by responsible people in order to be practical. Beirut is a great example of the need for having an adequate risk process to accommodate managing major operations which is the case in Qatar.

You’re working with HIA for thermal scanners and security. How effective is the technology and how do you think it can help in curbing the spread of Covid-19?

Human Body thermal scanners from Cantronics have no human error, most accurate and reliable solutions, our Canadian partners have produced an effective product. I believe it is a great and essential solution in the current state of affairs and will be a necessity due to high accuracy. It helps monitor higher volumes in less time.

Is Bayanat also providing an opportunity for young graduates/researchers to be a part of the team to come up with cutting edge technology that can be a breakthrough, like a Digital Incubation Centre for instance?

We are open to innovations and excellence as well as new talents. We currently are working on the project with Qatar Aeronautical Academy, which potentially can grow into partnership. In addition to that, we are working on our website, which will be not only informative, but also educational both for professionals and non-technical readers – it can be used as the case study based on detailed project descriptions as well as weekly articles about specific topics to the industry. In addition to that, we are willing to co-operate with educational institutions for educational trainings and giving opportunity to graduates.

How has Covid-19 affected Bayanat, considering you don’t have any other competition in the market as of now?

‘Every Cloud has a silver lining’. In Bayanat Qatar, we follow this quote and act accordingly, Covid-19 is an unprecedented world event that had all individuals trying to adapt in our sector. Moreover, Qatar market is so strong that it bounced back almost directly with all the measures put in place.

What are the airport advancements we’re looking forward to as we progress towards FIFA 2022?

(Hamad and Doha) HIA and DIA expansion as well as security and safety enhancements are undergoing. Example would be FOD Xsight, Mlat Expansion, Qatar Flight Information Region programme, and Meteorological advance systems.

Any advice for the young entrepreneurs? On how to sustain themselves in a market that’s quite volatile right now in general?

As an officially certified individual with RMP, PMP, LEED AP, Solar energy ,etc , I advise the young generation to be willing to gather the knowledge from learning and work hard while putting in the extra hours and effort in order to achieve your goals.

For how long have you been living in Qatar? And how do you think Qatar has evolved with its adaptation of new and advance technologies of worldwide recognition?

I moved to Qatar in 2010 and since then I’ve grown and learned so much in Qatar aviation and transportation industry which can be easily be ranked as top five worldwide. Thus, the urge to be number one in the world is a catalyst to bring the most advanced technologies and utilise them in our line of business. Furthermore, Hamad International airport has been one of best in world for the past five years in addition to Qatar Airways.

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