Qatar University’s Young Scientists Centre (QU-YSC) concluded the summer training programme 2020 titled "The environment of smart learning for innovation", with a special ceremony.
The participating students were honoured while following the precautionary measures and the rules of social distancing. The ceremony marked the end of a distinguished educational journey that combined scientific research and the acquisition of many skills essential to the participants' success in university education.
The ceremony was held at the Qatar University Research Complex with the presence of Research and Graduate Studies vice-president Dr Mariam al-Ali al-Maadeed, QU-YSC director Dr Noora al-Thani, professors, researchers, and undergraduate’s students from QU.
The summer undergraduate students’ research internship started on June 17 through digital platforms with the participation of 17 students from different scientific majors at QU. The internship for three weeks included intensive workshops provided by professors and researchers from QU-YSC on the execution of scientific papers, research methodology, and methods for collecting and analysing data. The participants succeeded in applying what they learned in executing a scientific research under the supervision of specialists from QU-YSC, and they began the procedures for publishing it in the scientific journals.
The summer internship saw the integration of undergraduate students as mentors for primary, preparatory and secondary students using digital platforms, who in turn participated in their own summer educational programme organised by QU-YSC. The innovative research environment that the centre provided through the internship contributed in providing participants with many skills, such as scientific research skill, critical thinking, problem-solving and the ability to adapt to different approaches of distance learning.
The honouring ceremony also included a speech from Dr Noora al-Thani, praising QU students for their high competencies and abilities in learning and in facing the challenges of distance learning.
In addition to the honouring ceremony, a panel discussion was conducted in which a number of QU students participated . The focus of the discussion was the important outcomes of the internship and the effect of the internship on enriching the educational experience. At the end of the ceremony, all participants received medals for completing the internship and the distinguished QU students were distributed prizes.
Dr Noora al-Thani added, "The initiative to organise the summer training programme was a positive step that strengthened QU-YSC goals and ambitions. One of the most important tasks in any society is to educate and train youth. That is the key to success and progress in building strong society and economy based on knowledge, and this is what the centre pursues in the long term."
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