There is chance of rain in the country this weekend, which may be thundery at times, the Qatar Met department has said.

In a report on Thursday, the department said latest weather charts indicate the possibility of local cloud development during the weekend, with a chance of scattered rain that may be thundery at times in some areas.

"Local clouds usually form during noon and dissipate before sunset as wind convergence in central areas, involving sea breeze coming from the eastern and western coasts in addition to solar heating, cause rising air currents that form thunderstorms if enough moisture is present," the report explains.

Thunderstorms are usually accompanied by a strong downdraft wind for a short period of time, causing rising dust and low visibility with hail at times, it adds.

The season locally known as Wasmi, in which chances of local rain improve, begins by the middle of next October.

Friday's detailed forecast says thundery rain is expected in some places along with sudden strong winds and poor visibility.

The wind speed may go up to 32 knots in some areas during thundershowers, while visibility may drop to 2km or less.

Misty conditions are likely to prevail at first, followed by a hot day and local clouds. There is a possibility of rain, which may become thundery by the afternoon, and there will be blowing dust at times.

The temperature is expected to range from 30C to 42C in Doha on Friday.

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