The importance of communication between the General Directorate of Civil Defence (GDCD) and various establishments for the continuity of awareness programmes that play a vital role in ensuring safety was highlighted at a virtual seminar on Wednesday.

Titled ‘Security and Safety Standards of Companies and Establishments’, the event was organised by the GDCD in co-operation with the Ministry of Interior (MoI) Public Relations Department. Representatives of various companies were given safety tips along with directions and updates about various procedures of the General Directorate of Civil Defence.

While welcoming the gathering, Maj. Jabber Ali al-Marri, head of Preventive Education Section, noted that the awareness programme was organised after a break of months due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Awareness has a crucial role in protecting all, he stressed.

Officials from various sections delivered lectures on the security and safety standards in buildings and facilities. They focused on a number of issues, civil defence procedures for obtaining licenses and certificates and inspections that are carried out to ensure that every establishment follows the rules while it comes to preventing and fighting the fire while highlighting the violations.

The officials urged the company representatives to strictly follow the rules and ensure the availability of all essential equipment. Awareness tips on protection during the fire outbreak and use of firefighting were also given.

Captain engineer Mohamed Ibrahim al-Sulaiti, head of Engineering Plans Section, explained the proceedings for getting approval for buildings. He said that all the Civil Defence guidelines are available on the website of the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME). “A committee has been formed to review requirements and update to cope with developments according to the suggestions submitted by designers,” he said.

Captain engineer Mishal Muhammed al- Mutawa, head of Inspection and Licensing Section described the functions of the section. He said consulting firms which commit certain violations including failure to comply with pre-approved engineering plans and complete the project before submitting the request for inspection are penalised by the section.

Captain engineer Khalid Saadoon al-Kuwari, head of Safety Systems Section, gave an introduction to the section and highlighted the importance of using the Civil Defence approved form of regular maintenance. He noted that some of the companies fail to adhere to the approved periodic maintenance and urged all companies to update their contact details in MoI e-services to ease the communications.

First Lt. Abdullah Nasser al- Suwaidi, Officer at Operations Department, explained the measures to prevent fire and the proceedings to be taken while fire breaks out. Captain Abdul Hadi Ali al-Marri, officer at Preventive Education Section, explained the measures to be accepted after the fire outbreak. He also explained the use of various firefighting equipment.

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