Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) has inaugurated a new electronic socioeconomic assistance system, aimed at ensuring timely processing and easier communication to meet all requirements of services, projects and programmes.

This is part of an organisation-wide digital transformation scheme designed to develop institutional performance up to the highest technological standards, QRCS has said in a statement.

The soft launch was attended by QRCS officials Ali bin Hassan al-Hammadi, secretary-general; Ibrahim Abdullah al-Maliki, chief executive director; Muna Fadel al-Sulaiti, director of Volunteering and Local Development; and Omar Mazen Adi, director of Information Systems.

In his remarks, al-Hammadi described the new system as a quantum leap in QRCS’s history to keep up-to-date with the rapid technological and scientific advancement. He expected it to substantially improve the organisation’s performance by saving time and effort and increasing precision.

“This e-system is a unique and extraordinary step,” said al-Hammadi. “It is an integrated software that facilitates, accelerates and streamlines communications and transactions. Also, it enables us to conveniently monitor all processes electronically."

He revealed that the e-system was the product of hard work by the Information Systems and Local Development sections, which "aligned all their expertise and skills to create such a high-tech assistance system that could effectively help achieve multiple goals with minimal effort".

“We are proud of this innovative production, which would take us greatly forward on the path of digitisation. Making the workflow smoother will translate into prompt and proper implementation of QRCS’s annual and emergency campaigns/operations.

“For years, we have been working on this project, and today, it has become a reality as a beta version. The software has countless advantages, including economisation, documentation and tracking. Also, it saves time and effort; instead of having to show up physically, you can do many things where you are within as few as minutes, just by clicking some buttons,” al-Hammadi said.

QRCS’s fresh socioeconomic assistance system seeks optimised work through full automatisation of assistance services, in a customsed manner, as well as the meetings and decisions of the Assistance Committee in line with the applicable policies and procedures.

It allows for teleworking via mobiles or tablet computers, less manual steps by linking to the financial system, and accurate and updatable reporting.

During the inauguration ceremony, brief presentation and demonstration were given on the features of the software, followed by a training session to explain its components and how it should be used, according to a user manual.

There will be a period of time for testing functionality and making necessary adjustments.