The Doha Institute for Graduate Studies (DI) on Thursday organised a webinar titled 'Towards creating a market for public policies in Qatar and the Arab world'.

Dr Nizar Jouini, head of Public Policy Programme, discussed the importance and future of public policies as well the professional paths and skills required for its analysis focusing on the local context in Qatar and the Arab World in general.

Dr Jouini highlighted the role of a policy analyst at the government level on the one hand and at the private sector and civil society level, on the other hand, pointing to the opportunities available to open a new market for public policies in Qatar and the Arab world. He explained why Qatar has an opportunity to lead public policy training efforts in the region and the expected benefits of creating this market.

With regards to the skills for public policy analysts, Dr Jouini mentioned integrity and leadership, academic writing, deep understanding of various economic theories, mastery of statistics and econometrics, and other skills. "These skills would shape the career path of a policy analyst, qualify him to work in the field of policy analysis in development banks, advisory and legislative councils, investigative media, and the academic field," he said.

Dr Jouini talked about the role that public policies play in rationalising the governance and managing public affairs indicating its role in bringing a positive change in public sector governance and establishing a new culture based on analytical and evaluation reform.

Adding further, he said that the most prominent roles that public policies play in rationalising the governance are adherence to the ethical principles of public service, social equality and diversity in societies in addition to contributing to creating and renewing public debate on important issues in society and playing the role of mediator between society and decision-makers.

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