Shop with ease: Carrefour launches ‘Qatar’s first’ Scan&Go mobile service
September 01 2020 02:02 AM
Carrefour stores.
The mobile feature enables customers to scan and bag purchases as they journey around Carrefour stores.

Carrefour Qatar has launched Scan&Go Mobile — a “first-of-its-kind” mobile service in the region. The feature provides customers with full autonomy, enabling them to scan and bag purchases as they journey around Carrefour stores using their smartphones. It is one of many innovations developed by Carrefour to help customers shop with ease. 
“Scan&Go Mobile underlines Carrefour’s ongoing commitment to creating seamless shopping experiences for all its customers, with the new feature allowing customers to skip the inconvenience of long queues. 
Moreover, it enables a truly contactless shopping journey as customers not only use their smartphones, but are also encouraged to utilise their reusable bags to bag as they shop,” Carrefour Qatar said in a statement.
Using the Carrefour Qatar mobile app, customers can scan the barcode of each product they would like to purchase as they shop, before making their way to a dedicated Scan&Go checkout area to process their payment — via a debit or credit card — within minutes.
Set to raise customer service levels, Scan&Go Mobile is now available across all Carrefour hypermarkets and supermarkets in Qatar, the statement notes. Laurent Hausknecht, country manager of Carrefour Qatar, said, “At Carrefour, we take great pride in offering the most convenient and integrated shopping experiences possible. We understand that today, more so than ever, customers really do place a premium on convenience and quality customer service. 
Scan&Go Mobile enables us to provide that, empowering customers with more autonomy and control. Its use of cashless payments limits unnecessary contact with other customers and touchpoints, offering shoppers even more peace of mind.”
The introduction of the Scan&Go Mobile service to Qatar follows the July launch of Carrefour’s self-checkout counters. These counters have been set up in selected hypermarkets to allow customers with small shopping baskets stocked with up to 10 items to self-scan and process their purchases at check-out.
How to use Scan&Go:
 Download the Carrefour Qatar App on IOS or Android and register for MyClub.
 Open your app and select the “Scan&Go” feature. 
 Proceed to scanning and bagging items as you wish.
 The scanner’s intuitive touch-screen allows you to view all the items in your basket. Using the scanner, you can add or deduct items from your basket to monitor your total bill.
 When you’ve finished shopping, simply scan your QR code at the designated Scan&Go terminal, insert your card to make your payment and exit the store.
To learn more about Scan&Go, one can visit the Carrefour website:

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