Qatar Chamber meeting spotlights on waste recycling, treatment
August 19 2020 05:19 PM
Qatar Chamber meeting spotlights on waste recycling, treatment
Qatar Chamber meeting spotlights on waste recycling, treatment

Qatar Chamber’s Environment Committee, a subsidiary of Food Security and Environment Committee, held a meeting at the QC venue to discuss decisions proposed by the Ministry of Municipality and Environment on the regulation, recycling and waste treatment.

The meeting was chaired by head, Food Security and Environment Committee Mohamed bin Ahmed al-Obaidli in the presence Dr Saif al-Hajari and Nasser Ahmed Al Khalaf and the committee’s vice chairman Abdulrahman bin Abdulla al-Ansari.

The meeting was also attended by director of waste management at the Ministry, Hamad Jassim al-Bahr.

On his part, Mohamed al-Obaidli said that the meeting aimed to help attendees learn about the studies conducted by the Ministry of Municipality and Environment and steps taken to adopt these proposed decisions.

He pointed out to the importance of developing the industry (of waste recycling) to benefit the national economy, stressing that the country has a key role in this regard by offering incentives for the private sector to intensify investments in this sector.

Al-Obaidli also said, “We coordinate with the Ministry to hold a meeting with the consulting company responsible for doing tests and reports about waste recycling to exchange information on waste management. This would achieve balance between all parties and that national cadres have participated in the studies provided by the consulting company.”

Al-Bahr reviewed decisions and drafts adopted by the Ministry, assuring that these proposed decisions would contribute to reducing waste, protecting environment, and encouraging investments in this sector.

He said that the Ministry has a clear strategy in waste recycling based on recent studies and a slew of legislative decisions. This is with the aim of supporting companies and factories in the process of recycling through offering raw materials and minimising financial obstacles related to treatment and transport, as well as preserving environment by reducing materials, which are either being “buried or burnt”.

Al-Bahr also noted that there are eight reports that are currently being prepared in waste management in coordination with the consulting company, noting that these reports include data collection and analysis, infrastructure, awareness of the importance of waste recycling and treatment, and the participation of the private sector in this process and others.

Dr al-Hajari underlined the importance of identifying the correct proportions of household waste, stressing the importance of conducting such tests every year or two years and having a database in order to increase the participation of the private sector in the process of treatment and recycling waste.

The committee recommended the importance of competitiveness between the private sector companies in treatment and recycling of household waste.

It proposed holding a meeting with the consulting company to enable the private sector to learn how to treat efficiently with waste on correct scientific basis.

The committee’s members also discussed three projects related to waste and single-use biodegradable plastic bags, which can be used in producing animal feed.

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