Sidra Medicine, a member of Qatar Foundation, will be participating in the 23rd Annual Paediatric and Adult Interventional Cardiac Symposium (PICS-AICS) from September 11 to 13.

PICS-AICS is one of the largest cardiac symposiums dedicated to the latest breakthroughs in the treatment of patients with congenital and structural heart diseases.

More than 2,000 healthcare professionals are expected to join PICS-AICS this year.

Sidra Medicine will also transmit via broadband WiFi two live interventional cardiac procedures from its brand new state-of-the-art Cardiac Catheterisation Laboratory at its Heart Centre, to the PICS-AICS delegates on September 13.

“I am very proud to see the Sidra Medicine banner flying high at international symposiums and showcasing our world-class expertise and teams from Qatar conducting complex procedures. Our virtual presence at PICS-AICS this year is part of our commitment to optimising healthcare for patients and playing a key role in advocating for cutting edge therapies to care for children and adults with congenital heart disease,” said Prof Ziyad M Hijazi, who is the founder of PICS-AICS as well as the acting chief medical officer at Sidra Medicine.

“Despite the current pandemic, we have quickly adapted to bringing the symposium online as we firmly believe that the need to network and educate within the clinical fraternity is an ongoing process. The live transmissions are also a testament to our focus on medical education and the sharing of best practice methodologies with peers from all over the world,” Hijazi said.

The live interventional cardiac procedures relayed from Sidra Medicine’s Heart Centre in Qatar will be conducted on two patients born with congenital heart defects. The procedures will be led by Prof Hijazi, who is also the executive chair of medicine and the medical director the Heart Centre, Dr Younes Boudjemline, director, Cardiac Catheterisation Laboratories and Dr Hesham al-Saloos, medical co-director of the Heart Centre.

The Sidra Medicine Heart Centre provides preventative, medical, and surgical care for patients with congenital heart disease (including adults) or acquired heart conditions in children and young people.