* Ashghal announces completion of main upgrading works on Umm Al Dome, Al Muaither and Al Innabi Streets

The Public Works Authority (Ashghal) on Monday announced the completion of main upgrading works on Umm Al Dome, Al-Muaither and Al Innabi Streets and their opening to traffic at a total length of 6km.

Three new signalised intersections were also opened as part of the Umm Al Dome Street Improvement Project in Muaither area.

While announcing the opening, engineer Fahad Mohamed al-Otaibi, head of Western Areas Section in the Roads Projects Department at Ashghal said Umm Al Dome, Al Muaither, and Al Innabi Streets are among the most important commercial streets, located in a most crowded place in the area.

“Together, they serve the needs of many commuters who use these streets on a daily basis to go to local shops, service centres, public facilities and schools. After having studied the traffic in this pivotal area, we concluded that the best solution to be applied was to convert the traffic on Umm Al Dome Street and Al-Muaither Street to one-way streets, which has significantly contributed in easing the traffic flow,” al-Otaibi explained.

He added that Ashghal will implement a new project in the near future to serve the area and improve the connectivity with Umm Al Dome and Al-Muaither Streets through the upgrade of the intersecting streets in order to reduce the travel time for road users who wish to use either one of the two streets and change their destinations.

The project engineer Mohamed Masoud al-Ateeq said these streets are considered main roads that serve many residential neighbourhoods around the area such as Muaither and Al-Rayyan areas. “The opening of the two streets has helped improve traffic flow, alleviate daily traffic congestion and enhance traffic safety levels especially after turning Umm Al Dome Street into a one-way street with two lanes starting from Muaither North Street until Al-Innabi Street as well as converting Al Muaither Street to a one-way route with two lanes, starting from Al-Innabi Street until Muaither North Street,” he explained.

Engineer al-Ateeq pointed out that Ashghal has included Umm Al Dome and Al Muaither streets in the same project in order to expedite their completion since they introduced a new traffic plan in the area. “Furthermore, Ashghal was keen to accelerate work progress, by mobilising additional resources (workers and equipment) and increasing work hours in order to deliver works completed as soon as possible. Priority was given to construct a number of parking lots to regulate traffic flow while carrying out project works, with special focus on minimising the impact of works on road users and shop owners,” he said.

The project provides full infrastructure including 1,135 car parking bays and installed new LED street lights. The scope of works also includes stormwater drainage network (22.6km), turning Umm Al Dome roundabout into a signalised intersection and the construction of two other traffic signals. One of the signals is at the intersection of Al Muaither Street with Muaither North Street and the other at the intersection of Al Muaither Street with Al-Innabi Street.

Engineer al-Otaibi went on to say that the project provided support to local manufacturers and local materials were relied on for most of the works including sewage, surface water and rainwater drainage pipes in addition to lighting poles and luminaires. The local Qatari component used on the project is 65%.

Ashghal is currently working on completing some of the remaining works with the project and these include the completion of road marking, landscaping and beautification work.