As part of its efforts to support local products through its projects, the Public Works Authority (Ashghal) will hold ‘Supporting Local Manufacturers Forum' in September, an official press statement said.

The forum will see the participation of Ashghal’s international and local contractors that are implementing various projects in addition to the qualified local factories. The forum will provide an important opportunity to the new and the qualified Qatari factories to learn about new Ashghal projects and the needed materials.

According to the statement, the forum is aimed at encouraging Qatari manufacturers and allowing them to participate effectively in roads and infrastructure development, building and drainage projects and treatment sewerage stations along with expressway and beautification projects by Ashghal.

Also, the forum aims to encourage Qatari investors to establish new local factories as part of the country’s efforts to increase reliance on national products. "And it will provide an overview on Ashghal’s initiatives in the field of supporting local products and Qatari manufacturers as well as a comprehensive overview of the locally manufactured materials that will be used to implement a number of new Ashghal projects in the coming years and the quantities required to be supplied from these materials, including road lighting poles, drainage pipes, precast manholes, bitumen, diesel, directional signs, thermal insulating materials, traffic safety materials and other items."

Ashghal signed nine new contracts with Qatari companies in July 2020 for implementation of road and infrastructure projects as part of the citizens residential area development at a total value of around QR 3.6bn. The projects will serve 5111 residential plots in various areas throughout the country. These new projects will rely on a higher level on local manufacturers to provide all materials that can be supplied locally. The value of the materials required to implement these projects is approximately QR 1.35 bn.

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