* Around 4,000 abandoned vehicles removed in country since start of 2020
* Al Rayyan initiative is expected to result in removal of about 2,000 abandoned vehicles, at an average of 25-30 vehicles per day
* Some 500 abandoned vehicles have been removed in Industrial Area campaign

The second joint campaign to remove abandoned vehicle was launched Sunday morning at a number of places in Al Rayyan Municipality.
This comes as part of the continuous efforts of the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) to prevent this unbecoming phenomenon across the country and enforce Law No 18 of 2017 on Public Hygiene.
The campaign is being jointly carried out by the committee for removing abandoned vehicles, the MME's mechanical equipment department and general cleanliness department, in cooperation with Al Rayyan Municipality, the Internal Security Force (Lekhwiya), General Directorate of Traffic (including patrols). It was launched in the presence of officials representing these entities.

Lieutenant Mohamed Jassim al-Tamimi

Mohamed Faraj al-Kubaisi

Marzouk Mubarak al-Misfri

Marzouk Mubarak al-Misfri, assistant director of the mechanical equipment department and a member of the committee, said the first campaign was launched on July 1 in the Doha Industrial Area and around 500 abandoned vehicles have been removed so far as part of that initiative.
Also, some 4,000 such vehicles have been removed from various places around the country since the start of this year, he informed.
He said the second campaign targets different areas within Al Rayyan and is expected to result in the removal of around 2,000 abandoned vehicles, at an average of 25-30 vehicles per day.

He stressed that the phenomenon will be addressed through more such intensive campaigns, aiming to raise awareness of vehicle owners and instruct them on the need to remove vehicles and avoid leaving them in public places such as roads in residential areas, at workshops and others.
Al-Misfri added that it is necessary to have public co-operation to prevent this phenomenon, which pertains to the Industrial Area in particular and other places in general. He said the work plans for future phases will depend on identifying certain areas and targeting them, then moving to other areas until the entire country is covered based on a time-frame.
Mohamed Faraj al-Kubaisi, member of the committee and assistant director of the general cleanliness department, said first a notification sticker will be placed on an abandoned vehicle, asking the owner to remove it within three days. If s/he fails to do so, it will be removed by the entity concerned. An abandoned vehicle will be removed immediately if it hampers traffic flow.
The vehicles removed are impounded in designated areas. For reporting abandoned vehicles anywhere in the country, the hotline of the committee can be reached at 33238885.
Also present during the launch yesterday were Lieutenant Yousef Fahd al-Ali from the General Directorate of Traffic (and a member of the committee), Lieutenant Mohamed Jassim al-Tamimi of Lekhwiya and Mabkhout al-Hajri from Al Rayyan Municipality.
Lieutenant al-Tamimi called on the public to co-operate with them to remove neglected cars that distort the general and aesthetic view of the region, and to adhere to the Public Hygiene Law in this regard.
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