The Lahore High Court (LHC) yesterday extended the interim bail granted to the leader of the opposition in the National Assembly, Shehbaz Sharif, till July 23.
The court accepted the PML-N leader’s plea to have his bail extended and agreed to postpone the hearing of the case on Shehbaz’s request as his lawyer was not present.
Speaking to the media after his court appearance, the PML-N president said he was not feeling well due to his illness.”I came because I respect the court. Politics is being played at my expense,” he said regarding the case.
During the last hearing on July 7, Shehbaz’s counsel Amjad Pervez had told the court that the PML-N leader had tested negative for the virus.
“Shehbaz Sharif is 69 years old and his antibodies test is necessary,” said Tarar, the other counsel for the PML-N president.
He added that people after recovering from the virus witnessed pain for five more days, adding that his client has also complained of the same.
Tarar had requested the court to extend the bail granted to Shehbaz for three more weeks as the lawyers wanted their client to appear before the court himself.
The court had adjourned the hearing and given the lawyers time to consult with their client and take instructions from him.
Shehbaz had last month said in his bail petition that the corruption watchdog’s assets beyond means inquiry against him was based on mala fide intentions as it had been initiated at the behest of the incumbent government.
He added that the bureau levelled charges against him without any shred of evidence and he had been declaring his assets regularly.
The PML-N leader added that he was also arrested in the same case in 2018 and he had fully co-operated with NAB investigators. However, the anti-graft body did not present any proof against him relating to the misuse of powers or money-laundering, etc.
Shehbaz’s lawyer stated that his client had been declaring his assets since he stepped into politics in 1988 and nothing had ever been concealed.
He refuted money-laundering allegations, claiming the whole story was fabricated and concocted.
He added that during an inquiry or investigation, NAB could not invoke the provisions of anti-money laundering law, adding that allegations against him were of a documentary nature and all necessary documents had already been provided to the Bureau.
Shehbaz had further stated that he feared that NAB might arrest him in connection with its pending inquiries, which would hinder him from performing his duties as the opposition leader in the National Assembly.