Stop talks with BJP and return to party, Congress urges Pilot
July 16 2020 01:39 AM
Sachin Pilot
Stop talks with BJP and return to party, Congress urges Pilot


The Congress yesterday appealed to Sachin Pilot, who was removed as Rajasthan deputy chief minister on Tuesday, to return to the party and said that the Bharatiya Janata Party’s attempt to topple Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot government had failed again.
Congress spokesman Randeep Surjewala accused the BJP of trying to destabilise the otherwise stable government led by Gehlot.
“The last 24 hours have proved that BJP’s attempt to topple the government has failed in Rajasthan,” he said at a press conference.
Referring to Pilot’s statements to TV channels earlier in the day that he did want to join the BJP, Surjewala said: “If this is the case, then, we request him to reject the facilities being offered by the Haryana government and return to Jaipur. If there are ideological differences, then you can talk in the party forum. We are all ready to listen and find a solution with a generous heart.”
Expressing the party’s “soft corner” for the young leader, Surjewala said that Pilot had been invited to attend meetings of the legislature party more than once, and the action against him was taken “with a heavy heart”.
Apart from being removed as the deputy chief minister, Pilot was also sacked as president of the Rajasthan unit of the Congress on Tuesday.
Noting how Pilot was favoured by the Congress right from the start, Surjewala said: “We gave him the MP’s position, he became a union minister, the PCC chief and then the deputy CM. There is hardly anyone who has been pushed forward to such heights by any political party. (Party chief) Sonia Gandhi and (former Congress president) Rahul Gandhi tried to keep the family member retained in the family. However, unfortunately, nothing could be done and action had to be announced on Tuesday with a heavy heart.”
He urged Pilot to come out of the ‘chakravyuh’ (trap) of ITC Grand and Lemon Tree Hotel.
“Stop discussions and conversations with any BJP leader and return to your own house in Jaipur....I appeal to all who seem to have lost their way,” said Surjewala.
Meanwhile, Gehlot, without taking Pilot’s name, said the deputy chief minister was himself engaged in a deal to topple the government and he had all the proof about it.
Being fluent in English, giving strong bytes to the media and having a handsome personality doesn’t mean everything, the chief minister said. 
“However, what matters is what stays in your heart for your nation, what is your commitment for your country and what are your ideologies and policies for your party.”
Gehlot said the former party chief was talking to the BJP and the deal was closed at 2am and a monetary transaction was done.
He also accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government of being engaged in the entire plot.
“A few of our party members became over ambitious and joined hands with the BJP. In fact, our PCC chief and deputy CM himself was involved in the deal. We have proof, They were talking at 2am, we were informed that a deal is being done to topple our government. I have proof and have names of the people who refused to take the money,” Gehlot said.
“The Congress kept democracy alive for 70 years, however, the present government is all out to kill democracy,” he said, adding that “politics means a fight of ideology, it means fight on policy matters and fight on diverse issues. However, if you have differences, you can go out of the party with 2/3rd majority, no one will have objection, there is an anti-defection law. However, when you start hobnobbing with the BJP which is in power at the centre, start making monetary deals with them, start making more trading, then that will be questioned.”

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