Qatar continued to lead as the safest country in the world, according to the 2020 mid-year Numbeo crime index that tracks 133 countries.
Qatar was the top Arab country from 2015 to 2019, and the safest worldwide in 2017 and 2019.
The country's position reflects its strong record in the field of security.

'Numbeo' is the world’s largest user-contributed database on cities and countries. A total of 133 countries have been included in the ranking this year.
Qatar's position reflects the constant and outstanding level of security and safety enjoyed by the country, and the significant decrease in the rates of crimes.
According to the classification rules of the report, countries are ranked in the reverse order – Qatar ranked 133 in crime rate by registering the lowest crime rate with 11.90 points out of 100.
In the Safety Index Qatar ranked the first by scoring 88.10 points out of 100, in reverse of the Crime Index.
The Numbeo database has been publishing annual reports since 2009, based on the crime rates in the countries of the world.
The index of crimes is measured according to the laws of the countries, as there are acts that constitute crimes in some countries while they are not deemed crimes in some other countries, which gives a real measure of the crime rate in countries in accordance with applicable laws.
The report also takes into account the different types of crimes and their classification according to the laws on crimes, offences and violations.
The indicators also depend on a set of standards related to the rates of crime and violence such as murder, terrorism, the cost of crime and other standards.
Numbeo's database is one of the most prominent in the world in the field.
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