* Completion of reinstatement works five months ahead of schedule

The Public Works Authority (Ashghal) recently completed maintenance and development works on a number of roads in the Hazm Al Markhiya and Lejbailat areas, part of the framework contracts for road maintenance in the country.

In a statement on Wednesday, Ashghal said it assigned the works to local contractors and multiple teams worked to complete the project within seven months instead of 12, five months ahead of schedule. These works included paving, marking, maintenance and rehabilitation of the asphalt layer for about 21km of internal roads in both Hazm Al Markhiya and Lejbailat, using Qatari-manufactured materials.

Mohamed al-Khashabi, civil engineer in the Roads Operation and Maintenance Department at Ashghal, said: “Ashghal installed 18 new lighting poles with LED lights, while 18 old lighting lamps were replaced with new LEDs to improve visibility and save energy.

“This was in addition to installing and rehabilitating around 7,000sqm of sidewalks within an area of 10,000sqm, with the aim of providing a safe and better experience for road users and residents of these areas.”

Maintenance and improvement works are identified and carried out after inspecting internal roads and the safety elements surrounding them, which include lighting, speed humps, pavement status, traffic and directional signs.

Maintenance and development works included replacing the top asphalt layer on some roads, treating asphalt defects on the main and local roads, developing lighting poles, replacing lamps and developing traffic lights, in addition to installing directional and traffic signs to ensure safety on the road, the statement explained.

These works were implemented while taking into consideration requests made by residents and in co-operation with representatives of the municipality concerned and members of the Central Municipal Council for each area, Ashghal noted.

In order to maintain the health and safety of workers at the project site, especially in view of the Covid-19 outbreak, all necessary precautions and preventive measures were taken and implemented. These included adherence to social distancing and provision of protective masks, sterilisation of tools and other stringent health and safety measures.

Ashghal began the implementation of the Framework Contract for Road Maintenance in Qatar in 2017, which includes safety inspections, rehabilitation, replacement and maintenance of the road networks, including urgent, routine and preventive maintenance.

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