Qatar lent a hand when China faced its most difficult time: envoy
July 07 2020 11:47 PM
Chinese ambassador Zhou Jian
Chinese ambassador Zhou Jian

* Qatar an active contributor to development of China-Arab relations

Qatar lent a hand when China faced its most difficult time, Chinese ambassador Zhou Jian said while speaking on relations between the two countries, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The ambassador stressed that health co-operation between the two countries has become a new highlight in bilateral relations especially since this year.

“Facing the unprecedented pandemic, China and Qatar stand with each other and share the weal and woe together, which has become an example of international co-operation in fighting against Covid-19. We will never forget that when China was at the most difficult time, it is Qatar who lent us a hand. His Highness the Amir had a personal phone call with President Xi Jinping, voicing Qatar’s firm confidence and support to China,” he said.

“Qatar Airways has used its global network to deliver supplies to China. Its five fully loaded cargo planes carried 300-tonne medical supplies to Beijing. When the virus hit Qatar, we feel for and stand together with our Qatari friends, and will return the favour by doing whatever we could to support Qatar in defeating the virus. We believe when the pandemic is over, the friendship between China and Qatar will be even deeper. In the next stage, we will continue to work together with the Qatari side, and jointly push bilateral relations to a new future and a higher level,” he noted.

Jian made the observations on Tuesday while addressing a press conference online regarding the ninth Ministerial Meeting of the China-Arab Co-operation Forum held on Monday. Qatar’s delegation at the session was chaired by HE the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Sheikh Mohamed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani.

"Qatar is an in-depth participant and active contributor to the development of China-Arab relations, and also our true partner and reliable friend in the course of building a community of shared a future between China and the Arab states," he said. “We are glad to see that with the care and contributions of China-Arab collective co-operation, China-Qatar relations are as vibrant and thriving as the Sidra trees. Since the Doha meetings, with the great effort of President Xi Jinping and His Highness the Amir, China-Qatar relations have entered a fast track, and strategic opportunities lie ahead of us."

He continued, “Mutual political trust has reached a new height. In 2019, His Highness the Amir paid a successful visit to China, reaching a broad consensus with President Xi Jinping on further deepening China-Qatar strategic partnership, and drawing a new blueprint for the development of China-Qatar relations. In the same year, the two leaders met again during the CICA Summit in Dushanbe, injecting new impetus to the development of our relationship.

“We will be good friends who overcome difficulties with solidarity. As the Covid-19 pandemic is still surging around the world, the future and destiny of China and Qatar have never been as interconnected as it is today. China will continue to join hands with Qatar to fight against the pandemic, together building a community of health security for both sides. I am glad to announce here that Dr Zhong Nanshan, the top Chinese expert on Covid-19, will be invited to hold a video conference with the Ministry of Public Health for in-depth exchanges on diagnosis and treatment with Qatari experts. We will strengthen policy co-ordination with our Qatari counterparts in joint prevention and control measures, and initiate at an early date a ‘fast track’ in personnel exchanges and a ‘green channel’ of bilateral trade, so as to provide a solid ground for economic recovery of our two countries,” the envoy said.

“President Xi Jinping has announced China’s pledge of $2bn assistance to international co-operation at the 73rd World Health Assembly. His Highness the Amir has directed Qatar’s contributions of $20mn to support Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation, and another $140mn contribution to multilateral platforms. This is a clear demonstration of the international commitment of both countries,” he added.

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