The different divisions and departments of Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) have been working with full co-ordination, something that has reflected positively on the organisation’s reputation and professional performance in providing humanitarian assistance for the vulnerable locally and internationally, says Ibrahim Abdullah al-Maliki, QRCS’s chief executive director and acting general director of the Relief and International Development Division.

In a statement, al-Maliki emphasised the successive achievements made by QRCS since the start of the year thanks to the concerted efforts and unity of the divisions, which made the organisation stronger and more goal-oriented.

“QRCS spares no effort to attain its principled goals,” said al-Maliki. “As human resources are key to any successful work, QRCS hires competent and highly qualified staff and offers them many training courses to boost their knowledge and skills up to the latest technological and scientific advancements, to have the proficiency required to implement humanitarian, development and social programmes. Also, recognising the important role of volunteers, they are considered central to QRCS and are delivered qualifying courses in the relevant fields."

He said, “Even though working from home, both the staff and volunteers showed harmony in undertaking the growing responsibilities amid Covid-19, taking the noble goal of helping those in need and serving the country as a top priority.

“To maintain social distancing, the divisions utilised modern technology and online workflow. The Covid-19 crisis management committee used webinars to monitor the situation locally and globally and adjust their plans in line with the programmes of the Ministry of Public Health.

“The Communication Department relied heavily on the Internet to publish multilingual informative materials on the website, social media platforms and mass media channels. It also introduced the public to QRCS’s local and international operations, enhancing the credibility of the organisation.

“QRCS’s Resources Mobilisation Department created diverse remote modes of donation, such as the hotline, website and mobile app, to ensure that donations are received and handled safely.

“Similarly, the Relief and International Development Division used the Internet to complete QRCS’s ongoing projects. Despite the current conditions, many local and international relief projects have been accomplished successfully, by virtue of the staff’s huge efforts and humanitarian commitment. We will continue to reach out to the vulnerable and speak up for just humanitarian causes around the world."

The official continued, “After all, some jobs had to be done in the field. The staff members who were required to be physically present at work locations have all the time been there for the beneficiaries, while duly observing preventive measures to protect against the virus.

“Our medical professionals are working hard at all quarantine and health centres, providing healthcare and conducting Covid-19 tests. Ambulance drivers and first responders are doing a great job, transporting the patients to health facilities.

“As for the volunteers, they provide services at quarantine facilities, give guidance to consumers at shopping centres, take part in street disinfection and hygiene inspection, and perform other tasks that cannot be done online.

“As a form of support to the staff and volunteers working in the field, the Board of Directors visited several locations of the volunteers and medical personnel to raise their morale and encourage them to continue to work harder."

“I would like to thank the staff and volunteers of QRCS for their dedication to serving the country and humanity. The recent Covid-19 pandemic particularly revealed the true image of the organisation and those who cherished the Red Crescent emblem they carried."