Karak Stop launches Qatar’s first Karak mobile app
July 06 2020 05:42 PM
Karak Stop launches Qatar’s first Karak mobile app
Karak Stop launches Qatar’s first Karak mobile app

Karak Stop - a local Qatari brand - has announced the availability of Qatar’s first Karak mobile app, providing an ordering and delivery service for its customers.

To ensure hygienic and timely delivery, customer orders through Karak Stop's app will be delivered to them by the brand's own delivery drivers, ensuring a consistent service.

Through the app, the brand is "creating more ways for guests to access their Karak Stop favourites while ensuring Karak Stop’s quality delivery experience the company has honed over the last few months", according to a press statement.

"In the wake of store closures due to the pandemic, Karak Stop worked hard to cater to its customers by providing a continuous service though delivery or pick-up (when permitted). In fact, Karak Stop’s own mobile app was only possible because of the strong demand from our loyal customers,” said Adil Ahmed, managing director of Karak Stop.

In addition to being able to order from Karak Stop’s own app and website, consumers also have the option to use food delivery apps such as Talabat and Carriage to order from Karak Stop.

"Delivery via the Karak Stop app and e-commerce platforms is here to stay and will continue to be a strong point of access, for both new and existing Karak Stop customers," the statement notes.

Adil added, "The most important consideration for Karak Stop is owning the guest experience – and making sure it's a great one. These new platforms are possible because we already have a fleet of delivery drivers and the infrastructure created to support increased demand for food delivery. We believe that Qatar’s only Karak mobile app model helps differentiate us from our competitors and will take our already successful delivery business to new heights."

Karak Stop is now working to open new outlets at Mall of Qatar and in West Bay, and to introduce new innovative products such as the disposable Karak flask for the "quality-conscious" corporate offices in West Bay. In the coming months, customers using the Karak app will be able to earn loyalty points towards the MyKarak rewards programme when ordering through the app.

To learn more, or to order Karak for delivery, one can download the Karak Stop app or visit www.karak-stop.com

Headquartered in Doha, Karak Stop is a wholly owned Qatari company, established in 2017. The company is in the full-service restaurant business and has its own cafes, and caters for both private and public events.

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