Qatar participated Wednesday in the ministerial conference to launch of a global declaration on the digital response to coronavirus pandemic, entitled "Bridging the Digital Divides: The Digital Response to Coronavirus Pandemic."
Qatar was represented by HE the State Minister for Foreign Affairs Sultan bin Saad al-Muraikhi.
Speaking at conference, the minister expressed Qatar's support for the Global Declaration on the Digital Response to coronavirus pandemic.
"While the consequences of coronavirus pandemic affects all aspects of our lives, finding ways that ensure the continuation of education for more than 90% of the students affected by school closure due to this pandemic constitutes one of the most critical challenges at present. No doubt that the Global Declaration, which we are launching today constitutes an important foundation for facing the challenges imposed by this global pandemic," he said.
"Protecting and enhancing the right to education comes foremost in the priorities of the State of Qatar's policy. Concerned institutions were able to utilise technology in developing education and keeping pace with the international developments. The Ministry of Education and Higher Education of the State of Qatar has established a distance education and learning mechanism and activated electronic platforms for all students to deal with these exceptional conditions imposed by the pandemic," he added.
The minister noted that the State of Qatar continues its efforts to find suitable solutions to enhance its capacity to adapt to crises and ensure the availability of effective and uninterrupted government services while maintaining social distancing by using electronic platforms.
He stressed that enhancing cyber security and providing a safe electronic environment is top of Qatar's priorities adding that the Ministry of Transport and Communications has launched several initiatives to protect the basic systems and infrastructure of information technology and communications in the country.
"No doubt that cybercrimes, of which the State of Qatar was a victim, represent a threat to international peace and security and a violation of the international law. Thus, all countries have a duty to uphold their responsibilities towards combating these crimes and holding their perpetrators accountable in accordance with the international law," HE al-Muraikhi said.
He reaffirmed that Qatar will continue its efforts to strengthen the positive aspect of using innovative technologies and digital transformation in such a way as to create a people-centered society and enable such society to achieve all economic, social, environmental and other aspects of the desired objectives of sustainable development.