Meeza launches 4th data centre to support Qatar’s digital transformation
June 21 2020 07:36 PM
Mohsin al-Marri, chief operations officer and Meeza acting CEO engineer Ahmad Abdulla al-Muslemani
Mohsin al-Marri, chief operations officer and Meeza acting CEO engineer Ahmad Abdulla al-Muslemani

Meeza announced on Sunday the launch of its fourth state-of-the-art data centre in Doha as the latest addition to its nationwide plans to support Qatar’s digital transformation and smart future.

The new data centre, M-VAULT 4, is part of Meeza’s accelerated efforts to implement Qatar’s digital transformation agenda toward a knowledge-based economy, in line with the Qatar National Vision 2030. The new centre will provide hosting services that follow global best practices, in the provision of premium data centre services, which will enable all sectors to become more efficient and boost technological infrastructure.

M-VAULT 4 will be located within the premises of the Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP), part of Qatar Foundation Research Development and Innovation, where construction has already begun. The project aims to be completed and ready for use by mid-2021 coinciding with the expected arrival of global hyperscalers, leaders in cloud technology and network systems, operating large-scale data centres worldwide.

Previously, Meeza has successfully launched three-tier III certified data centres, known as M-VAULTs offering a guaranteed uptime of 99.98% built to comply with the most exacting international standards.

The M-VAULTS enable businesses to benefit from greater efficiencies and reduce risks.

Meeza, a Qatar Foundation venture, offers scalable, highly-available, and resilient cloud services that can be used to improve customer engagement, facilitate the transformation of products and services, and empower businesses. The solutions provider ultimately gives businesses the opportunity to optimise their operations by connecting with the latest technology in the industry, and form the new cloud region in Qatar.

Meeza acting CEO engineer Ahmad Abdulla al-Muslemani said, “We are excited to announce the establishment of our fourth data centre in Qatar, and it could not have come at a better time. The new data centre will be ready for use by the time we welcome some of the leading world experts in the industry and opens new doors for exchange of information, ideas, and technological advancement. We are honoured to pave the way for Qatar’s digital transformation by establishing the best technologies and providing a service of excellence to our clients.”

Meeza’s work furthers Qatar’s role as a regional hub and key contributor to the technological development of the region, supporting the innovation mechanism for smart solutions in the areas of healthcare, scientific research, artificial intelligence, education, and sports event management solutions, amongst others.

Mohsin al-Marri, chief operations officer said, “Our vision is to make service excellence the expectation, not the exception. The fourth addition of the data centre for Meeza helps us build the technological infrastructure that we need to bring Qatar to the global arena of cloud services. Our future is moving towards the digital and we, at Meeza, are working to ensure that we maintain the best practices in the industry, and offer premium hosting services and solutions.”

Meeza has supported the technological infrastructure of many leading projects in Qatar, exhibiting expertise in the areas of smart cities, the Internet of Things (IoT), in addition to cloud technology.

It also prides itself on having the first commercial Security Operations Centre (SOC) in Qatar, alongside a centralised Command and Control Centre (C3), which monitors Meeza services for clients.

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