MoPH intensifies awareness campaign on Covid-19 preventive measures
June 17 2020 06:03 PM
Ali Abdullah Al Khater
Ali Abdullah Al Khater, Chair of the Supreme Healthcare Communications Committee

* Campaign focuses on implementation of Covid-19 preventive measures in Phase 1 of lifting restrictions

The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH), Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) and Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) have intensified an awareness campaign on Covid-19 preventive measures in conjunction with the implementation of the first stage of lifting restrictions that started on Monday.
The MoPH and its partners are conducting awareness activities under the slogan 'You have the right' to ensure the right of citizens and residents by seeing that all entities and individuals are implementing proper preventive measures to protect against the virus.
?In this context, the MoPH has issued guidelines on the precautionary measures to be taken in the first phase of lifting the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions, the official Qatar News Agency (QNA) reports.
The guidelines include procedures and instructions that should be applied in mosques, shopping malls, workplaces, on maritime vessels, flights, in professional sports, private healthcare facilities, parks and for leisure activities.
Ali Abdullah al-Khater, chair of the Supreme Healthcare Communications Committee, said the awareness events at this stage come as a continuation of a campaign that was started earlier, before the appearance of Covid-19 in Qatar, to raise social awareness.
He noted that the slogan of the campaign, 'You have the right', is a confirmation of the right of citizens and residents in protecting their lives, and not condoning any dereliction in observance of the precautionary measures by entities or individuals. “We are all partners, and any failure to apply the Covid-19 preventive instructions will harm the society as a whole”, he added.
Al-Khater confirmed that the awareness activities are being conducted via different media outlets, including social media platforms, in order to deliver reliable and consistent messages. He laudsed the effective partnership with government and non-government organisations in implementing the awareness activities led by the MoPH, especially the procedures of controlling the virus.
Dr Huda al-Kathiri, Strategy Planning and Performance Department director at the MoPH, said the guidelines on precautionary measures for lifting the Covid-19 restrictions are aimed at providing research-based instructions related to best practices for a gradual and safe return to activities. It is worth mentioning that the preventive measures and precautions are essential in curbing the virus and protecting visitors and workers at all places from the infection.
She said the guidelines include detailed instructions according to each activity, including protection against infection, educating visitors and staff, maintaining social and safe distancing and special guidelines for vulnerable groups such as elderly people and patients with chronic diseases.
The guidelines for precautionary measures in the first stage of lifting the Covid-19 restrictions are available on the MoPH website as part of its Covid-19 designated web page.

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