* Additional trains will increase Metro capacity and serve future expansions

Qatar Railways Company (Qatar Rail) announced that it received a new batch of trainsets at Hamad Port Friday in accordance with an agreement signed earlier with manufacturer Kinki Sharyo Co Ltd.
The batch consists of two trains, which are part of the 35 additional trains set to arrive in the country over the coming months, Qatar Rail has said in a statement.
According to the delivery schedule, the last batch will arrive by the end of the second quarter next year, increasing the total number of Doha Metro trains serving the network from 75 trains to 110.

The new trains will be moved to the Qatar Rail depot in Al Wakra for assembly and testing purposes, to be integrated later on into the existing rail system. All the necessary tests will be conducted on to ensure that the highest standards of safety are met.
The additional trains will contribute to increasing the capacity of the Metro network as the country gears towards the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, which is expected to attract more than 1.5mn visitors, the statement notes.
The trains will also serve the future expansion of the Doha Metro lines that Qatar Rail intends to implement.
HE Abdullah Abdulaziz al-Subaie, managing director and CEO of Qatar Rail, said: “The Doha Metro network provides a reliable and comfortable means of transportation within the city as it extensively covers and connects key destinations in Doha. The additional trainsets will undoubtedly boost the network’s capacity and decrease the headways on all the lines."
Moreover, they will contribute to providing a comprehensive and seamless transport experience for visitors and crowds during the FIFA World Cup 2022, he stressed. "In addition, this strategic move will contribute to the achievement of the project’s long-term goals represented in the expansion of the current network.”
The Doha Metro design embodies the Qatari heritage and culture combined with state-of-the-art technology. It is designed and manufactured by Kinki Sharyo Co Ltd at its factories located in Osaka, Japan.
The Doha Metro is considered one of the fastest driverless trains in the world and the fastest ever in the region, with a speed reaching 100km/h. Each train consists of three Metro cars; one for the Gold and Family Class and two for the Standard Class.
The Gold Class has 16 seats while the Family Class has 26 seats, and the two Standard Class cars have 88 seats in total. The Doha Metro is distinguishable by its modern design that reflects the unique identity of Qatari heritage, which is embodied through the exterior and interior designs.
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