The Public Works Authority, Ashghal, announced a partial closure on B Ring Road in one direction from Al Doha Al Jadeeda Intersection known as the Crazy Signal to Al Jaidah Bridge Roundabout, starting in the evening of Thursday, 11 June 2020.

In coordination with the General Directorate of Traffic, this diversion will be implemented for six months to allow completion of infrastructure works as part of the B-Ring Road Development Project.

During this period, motorists coming from Al Matar Street, Al Rufaa Intersection or Grand Hamad Intersection and heading towards B Ring Road, will be able to use Grand Hamad Intersection to get on the A Ring Road (Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Thani Street) and use Naser bin Khalid Intersection to reach Fereej Abdelaziz Intersection or continue straight towards Electricity Intersection then turn left towards Al Jaidah Bridge Roundabout to reach their destinations, as shown in the attached map.

It is worth mentioning that “Ashghal” has previously announced the closure of the part between Fereej Abdelaziz Intersection and Al Jaidah Bridge Roundabout which is scheduled to open in August 2020. The newly closed part from Al Doha Al Jadeeda Intersection to Fereej Abdelaziz Intersection will remain closed for 6 months as mentioned above.

The Public Works Authority will install road signs advising motorists of the temporary traffic change and request all road users to abide by the speed limit along the route, and follow the road signs to ensure their safety.

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