Denmark eased more coronavirus measures on Monday, including a move to lift the number of people allowed to gather from 10 to 50, amid progress in tackling the pandemic.
Indoor sports halls, gyms, training centres, swimming pools and similar venues were also allowed to reopen as part of the third phase in the country's easing of virus restrictions. Training equipment will have to be disinfected after each user, and participants at yoga courses, for example, were advised to bring their own mats, according to Health Ministry guidelines.
 Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen's Social Democratic minority government agreed on the moves at the weekend with parties that support her government, as well as the main opposition parties. Denmark has gradually reopened society after shutting its borders and closing down many institutions in March. Schools, restaurants, theatres, cinemas and retail stores have recently reopened.
The Scandinavian country had, as of Sunday recorded, 589 Covid-19-related deaths. The government was also mulling exemptions to allow larger gatherings of up to 500 people, provided there were good means of physical-distancing - for instance at large football arenas used by clubs in the top flight Danish football league. FC Copenhagen in the Danish Super League at the weekend said it hopes to host matches with more than 10,000 fans in attendance under a plan whereby the Parken Stadium would be divided into 21 blocks of 500 seats.
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