Qatar Scientific Club (QSC) has produced 100 face shields in the club's digital manufacturing laboratories in co-ordination with Aspire Academy.
The club said that the face shield, which will help reduce the spread of coronavirus (Covid-19), is lightweight and reusable after sterilisation, as it is usually intended for medical and security crews and can be used in cases of epidemics and pandemics because it is easy to use and works an additional protection tool for the users.

High school students at Aspire Academy take an examination wearing the face shields

Hussein al-Kubaisi, director, youth affairs department of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, confirmed that the initiative contributes to providing the required preventive support during the current circumstance, stressing the ministry's keenness to work through all its sector and in co-operation with all state institutions in order to overcome the current crisis, within the framework of enhancing societal communication and co-operation between all sides.
On this initiative, Rashid al-Rahimi, executive director, Qatar Scientific Club, said that in co-ordination with the medical staff of Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), the club was able to design and manufacture this product that suits the user's need, as it was developed and piloted in several stages and became better than the product available in the market in terms of design and reuse, and was submitted to several institutions, including Aspire Academy, which was keen to provide the product for students.
For his part, Jassim Mohamed al-Jaber, director, Aspire Academy, thanked Qatar Scientific Club for its efforts in the manufacture of the face shield and said that Aspire Academy will provide the product to the 12th grade students and employees to help them do the final exams.