Complete recovery in 35-50 days, Covid patients' experience shows
May 31 2020 11:38 PM
Ibrahim Saad (L), Abdulaziz Mahmoud al-Mahmoud
Ibrahim Saad (L), Abdulaziz Mahmoud al-Mahmoud

By Ayman Adly/Staff Reporter

Those who get infected with Covid-19 end up spending 35 to 50 days for a complete recovery, going by the experience of two Qataris interviewed on Qatar TV Sunday.
Ibrahim Saad recalled he returned from the US and was in the mandatory quarantine period in a designated hotel when he started to experience the symptoms of Covid-19.
"I had severe and persistent headache in addition to the loss of the senses of taste and smell. But, I received excellent and immediate care round-the-clock for all my health needs. I started to recover within 10 days of being admitted at the hospital. The whole difficult experience of the disease lasted for around five weeks," he explained.
Similarly, Abdulaziz Mahmoud al-Mahmoud told Qatar TV that he was on a treatment trip to London, when he abruptly started to suffer from high temperature, cough, difficulty in breathing and severe body ache.
He went to a hospital in London and got confirmation that he had Covid-19 infection.
"But they only gave me some painkillers and other over-the-counter medications and told me to stay home to get well. However, my conditions persisted so I contacted the medical attaché at the Qatar embassy in London.
"I was offered all the necessary support and assisted to return to Doha. Immediately upon my arrival I was hospitalised for 35 days in addition to 15 days in the quarantine, until I fully recovered," al-Mahmoud said.
Both the Qataris stressed that people should take all the extra care not to contract Covid-19 and avoid going out as much as possible. They also highly appreciated what they described as more than excellent care and treatment they got all through their tough experience with the disease.
Nobody is immune to the Covid-19 infection as it can be transmitted without any clear signs or warning, so everyone should take all the possible preventive and precautionary measures, they unanimously urged.

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