Kerala forums plan charter flights for repatriation
May 30 2020 12:17 AM

Two Keralite organisations have announced commencement of registration for the proposed chartered flights to India, subject to approvals from the authorities concerned.
Kerala Muslim Cultural Centre (KMCC) Qatar said in a statement Friday that the service will benefit the sick, pregnant, unemployed, those with expired visa, senior citizens, and those who wish to leave voluntarily.
Only individuals legally entitled to leave Qatar need to register, according to KMCC.
The link for registration is here.
"Upon registration, you will be notified of further proceedings. All flight operations depend on government permits and approvals. Submitting this form does not guarantee your trip," the statement added.
Kerala Business Forum (KBF), affiliated to Indian Business and Professionals Council, announced yesterday that it is "in the process of organising private charter flights to all the major airports in Kerala as well as other states in association with Magic Tours, subject to approvals from the respective authorities".
"Given majority of the requests received by KBF was for travel to Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi, Calicut and Kannur, these will be our initial focus sectors," president K R Jayaraj said in a statement.
"We, however, plan to operate to other states in India as well, based on volume of registered interest," KBF general secretary Shaheen Shafi explained.
KBF plans to operate a total of 10 charter flights. A total of 50 passengers who are unable to afford their air ticket will be transported free of cost, the forum has informed the Indian embassy, the statement said.
"Interested parties can register their interest by sending an email to [email protected] Only those who can leave Qatar legally need register. The registration is not a guarantee or confirmation of ticket as it is subject to approvals from the authorities concerned.
"Since the start of the pandemic, KBF had set up a crisis management team headed by Ajit Kuriakose and Sabith Saheer who were constantly liaising with the Indian embassy and other state authorities for the commissioning of chartered flights for repatriation of stranded and distressed Indians," the statement added.

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