Two Qatari men who recently recovered from Covid-19 have highly appreciated the excellent healthcare they were given by the government until they fully recovered. They also praised the extremely efficient health facilities and dedicated health workers.

Speaking to local Arabic daily Arrayah, the two men stressed that the services they enjoyed were given in the very same way to the expatriate patients from different countries.

They also agreed that it was a very tough experience as the Covid-19 is not a usual disease and can make the sick very vulnerable. So, they asked people to take immense care to follow the instructions of the authorities concerned in this regard to protect themselves and their loved ones and spare them the undesired and painful experiences.

Rida Mitwali said that he spent 18 days in the hospital where he received healthcare par excellence.

"I am ready to donate my plasma to help in the efforts of treating the infected patients. I have already been assigned an appointment for this, and I have to wait for some time after being fully recovered to make the donation," he said.

Mitwali recalled that he first started to have constant high temperature and body ache, prompting him to call the ambulance. Once confirmed he was infected with Covid-19, the Qatari citizen was eventually taken to Hazm Mebaireek General Hospital for treatment.

Adel al-Haram said that he discovered that he was infected with Covid-19 immediately after returning from London. "I was in health quarantine when the disease developed and I started to lose the senses of taste and smell," he recalled.

Once the infection was confirmed, al-Haram was taken to the hospital and within 10 days of treatment he was able to recover. He further expressed his full satisfaction regarding the healthcare he got all through his treatment phase. "I have already donated my plasma to help in the related efforts and as a gratitude for the excellent care I got from the country," he added.

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