The Indian embassy in Doha on Monday released the additional list of repatriation flights from Doha for the ongoing Phase-2, from May 29 to June 4, 2020, according to a tweet. There are a total of 10 flights.

On May 29, IX 1774 to Kannur will depart at 1.15pm. On May 30, there are three flights. They are AI 0972 to Delhi (departure 3pm), AI 1928 to Ahmedabad (departure 5pm), and IX 1476 to Kochi (departure 2.35pm).

On May 31, AI 1928 to Srinagar/Amritsar will depart at 10.15am. On June 2, IX 1476 to Kochi is to depart at 2.35pm.

On June 3 there are two flights: AI 1926 to Chennai will depart at 2pm, and IX 1374 to Thiruvananthapuram at 3.45pm. On June 4 also there are two flights: AI 1930 to Lucknow departing at 11.15am, and IX 1774 to Kannur departing at 1.15pm, according to the embassy tweet.

The Indian embassy also pointed out, in another tweet that its website contains useful information relating to Standard Operating Procedures for repatriation and also of quarantine options available at some places. Please use the following link for details:

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