A paediatric surgeon who recovered from Covid-19 has reassured Qatar residents to avoid unreasonable worries as the vast majority of those infected recover fully.
In an interview with Qatar TV Tuesday, Dr Monsef al-Salehi praised the timely and excellent care he received.
"I could not determine how I got infected as I was always following the preventive and protective measures at both work and general life, such as wearing face masks, gloves and using all the necessary sanitisation process," he recalled.
It was on April 17, that Dr al-Salehi felt some of the symptoms of Covid-19 and called the designated authorities. He was asked a few important questions to guarantee his safety and wellbeing and that of those whom he had been in contact with around that time.
They inquired about his health, surroundings, family members, friends and neighbours at his accommodation. He was asked to quarantine himself at home and keep away from others until the healthcare providers could reach him at his place.
Then, a blood sample was taken from him for the necessary tests, and the Covid-19 infection was confirmed. On April 19, he was admitted at the designated hospital where he was diagnosed with pneumonia of medium severity.
Subsequently Dr al-Salehi was given five different medications, which included antibiotics, antivirals, and other medications to boost his immunity in accordance with the treatment protocol in such cases. Within five days, he started to improve and his condition stabilised.
A test seven days later indicated that he was free from Covid-19. A repeat test reconfirmed his complete recovery, following which he was discharge from the hospital.
"I went under self-quarantine for another 14 days to ensure the safety of everyone around me," he said. According to the paediatric surgeon, only a very small percentage of Covid-19 patients develop severe consequences, especially those suffering from chronic diseases and weak immunity.
"But people should never underestimate the seriousness of the situation and abide by all the recommended preventive measures as it is a very elusive disease that could be contracted anywhere or anytime without any prior warnings or signs," Dr al-Salehi added.