* The new underpass is the eighth in a series of openings among nine underpasses on Mesaimeer Interchange

The Public Works Authority (Ashghal) Sunday announced the opening of a new 600m underpass on Mesaimeer Interchange to traffic towards Rawdat Al Khail Street and D-Ring Road from Doha Expressway. The opening was carried out in co-ordination with the General Directorate of Traffic. The new underpass is the eighth in a series of openings, among nine underpasses on Mesaimeer Interchange. With the new opening, the construction of the interchange reached 87%. The new one-lane underpass can accommodate about 2,000 vehicles per hour. Ashghal's engineer Hassan al-Ghanim said that the new underpass provides free flow for vehicles coming from Doha Expressway and 22 February Street towards Rawdat Al Khail Street to serve residents of Nuaija and those heading to E-Ring Road, Al Mansoura, Rawdat Al Khail and Doha Central. Accordingly, it will reduce traffic congestion on other surrounding roads and provide new alternatives.

Features of the Interchange
Described as the first of its kind in Qatar, the interchange contains nine underpasses and two major bridges. One of the bridges connects Rawdhat Al Khail Street and Industrial area road in both directions and the other one connects E-Ring Road with the southern part of Doha Expressway in one direction ensuring a smooth flow of traffic in all directions. The 6.1-km long interchange consists of three to four lanes in each direction to accommodate about 30,000 vehicles per hour in both directions. Once completed in the second quarter of 2020, the new interchange will significantly improve traffic flow reducing travel time by more than 70%.

Hexagon Interchange
The Mesaimeer Interchange connects roads of Mesaimeer Interchange, Doha Expressway, southern part of Doha Expressway, Sabah Al Ahmed Corridor, Industrial Area Road and Rawdhat Al Khail Street. The interchange provides a vital traffic link between the south, central and north of the country. It links traffic from the south through the southern part of Doha Expressway, main carriageway of Doha Expressway and Al Shamal Road.
It also connects traffic between Industrial Area Road and the heart of Doha through a connection to Rawdat Al Khail Street that intersects with D-Ring and C-Ring Road as well as between the busy areas of Nuaija, Al Thumama, Bu Hamour, Al Maamoura, Mesaimeer providing an easy access to Al Wakra, Al Wukair and the Industrial Area.
It’s located in a vital area that has many facilities including Al Thumama Stadium, which is one of the World Cup stadiums. Here, the interchange has three pedestrian bridges to ease people’s access to Al Thumama Stadium. The interchange also serves many important educational, health and commercial facilities such as the Medical Commission, Meteorological Department, many schools, health centers and nearby shopping malls.

Integration with Sabah Al Ahmad Corridor
The Mesaimeer Interchange integrates with Sabah Al Ahmad Corridor linking Al Watiyyat Interchange, which is a strategic link between the southern part of Doha Expressway and its main highway. This link provides free flow traffic between the north and south of the country through Doha. The project is one of the vital interchanges in the country, with two levels comprising three bridges and four underpasses for easy access of vehicles to nearby residential areas of Al Thumama, Mesaimeer, Bu Hamour, Nuaija, Al Wakra and Al Wukair. The interchange provides free flow traffic for commuters from these areas to Hamad International Airport, to southern areas, Doha and northern areas of the country.
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