Ibrahim Salman al-Muhannadi

The Aquatic Research Centre at Ras Matbakh is all set to produce 1.6mn baby shrimps annually, according to a report. 

Ibrahim Salman al-Muhannadi, director, Aquatic Research Centre, told local Arabic daily Arrayah that necessary arrangements are being made at the shrimp hatchery. 
“The incubation centre has an annual production capacity of 1.6mn shrimps, each weighing 2gm,” he said, adding that the centre plans to produce 6 tonnes of shrimps annually in the future.
The centre, according to the director, consists of several units, the most important of which are the live food and fish hatchery units. 
In the long run, the plan is to produce 80mn baby fish and shrimps yearly. He explained that the centre is looking to produce 15mn baby fish and shrimps in the first three years by making use of 180 ponds. 
In an attempt to increase fish production, preserve marine wealth and promote research, the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) opened the centre in January this year at Ras Matbakh in Al Khor and Al Thakira Municipality. 
The centre is aimed at helping the country attain self-sufficiency in high-quality fish and shrimp production and achieve the highest possible rates of production that will ensure food security. It focuses on the production of high-quality fish in line with the needs of the local market. 
The centre is working on a programme to produce 2.5mn baby fish of the Hamour, yellowfin seabream (Al Shaam) and sparidentex hasta (Al Sobeiti) varieties this year, and there is also an integrated unit for the production of algae. 
Further, the centre is working on techniques that help the hatchery for production during February and March.
The centre has research and environmental goals that serve biological diversity in addition to training Qatari cadres to carry out its work.