The Qatar Finance and Business Academy (QFBA), in partnership with Northumbria University (QFBA-NU), have hosted its latest interactive webinar to guide high school students in choosing their academic majors.
The webinar, which was run under QFBA-NU’s latest ‘Ramadan Show’, engaged students across Qatar in insightful discussion on selecting the right major, QFBA said in a statement.
The event was part of the social responsibility efforts during the holy month of Ramadan to support students. The webinar, led by Khalifa al-Yafei, director of Student Affairs at the university, offered advice and guidance along with a comprehensive view of all the higher education opportunities that are available in Qatar. The webinar aimed to inspire today’s youth to pursue their academic journey in spite of the current situation.
Al-Yafei said, “Choosing a university major is a critical step for Qatar’s youth as it impacts their future professional careers. We chose to hold the webinar as a channel to offer Qatar’s youth guidance and counselling, so they can make an informed decision when it comes to their future pathway”.
He added: “We believe that raising awareness on the importance of higher education is a key step towards the development of our nation. We wish to empower Qatar’s talented youth to choose the university path that will ultimately lead them to success. In turn, we are investing in our nation’s human capital in line with achieving the 2030 Qatar National vision.”
QFBA-Northumbria’s webinar gathered 45 participants from the public under its latest Ramadan show premiering every week on its social media platforms. The show aims to empower students to continue learning during the holy month of Ramadan and overcome the current challenging situation.