* Six flights to be operated between May 18 and 24

The Indian embassy has announced the updated schedule for the next set of repatriation flights from Doha.

Six flights will be operated to as many destinations in India - Kozhikode, Visakhapatnam, Hyderabad, Kochi, Bengaluru and Gaya - from May 18 in the second phase of the Vande Bharat repatriation mission of the Indian government, according to the schedule.

Two flights carrying a total of 359 passengers have already been operated from Qatar as part of the initiative. The first flight left for Kochi on Saturday (May 9), while the second one departed for Thiruvananthapuram on Tuesday (May 12) evening.

According to the updated schedule, which was tweeted by the embassy on Wednesday, IX 0374 will leave Doha on May 18 at 3.35pm and arrive in Kozhikode at 10.20pm.

Two flights are scheduled for May 20. The first one, AI 1924, will depart from Doha at 12noon and arrive in Visakhapatnam at 7.15pm. The second flight, IX 0244, will leave Doha at 1pm and reach Hyderabad at 7.50pm.

On May 21, flight IX 0476 will depart from Doha at 2.05pm and arrive in Kochi at 8.45pm.

The next flight is on May 22, with IX 0822 scheduled to leave Doha at 1.30pm and reach Bengaluru at 8.05pm.

The last flight in the second round of the repatriation operation from Qatar will be operated on May 24, when AI 0972 will depart from Doha at 6pm and arrive in Gaya at 6.30am the next day.

All times are local.

On Tuesday, the embassy had tweeted a schedule which listed a flight for Kannur, which has now been replaced by a service to Kozhikode. Also, the starting date of the next set of flights has been changed from May 20 to May 18.

Those looking to avail of the repatriation facility have been requested to register on time. The embassy has also advised that Indians registering for repatriation should provide accurate data and ensure that they receive a confirmation by e-mail.

“A large number of the earlier registrations for repatriation did not contain QID/visa numbers, causing difficulties with clearing such passengers for boarding by the authorities concerned. Please register your data accurately and ensure that you receive a confirmation

by e-mail,” it said in a tweet on Tuesday.

The embassy also said eight Repatriation Co-ordination Committees have been set up to ensure greater community participation in the selection of deserving passengers for the repatriation flights in the coming days. These committees have been allocated states based on the number of registrations received.

May 18 - Kozhikode

May 20 - Visakhapatnam and Hyderabad

May 21 - Kochi

May 22 - Bengaluru

May 24 - Gaya

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