Ehsan, the Elderly Empowerment and Care Centre continues the activities of its Ramadan campaign, which was launched under the slogan "God cares for you," on social media.

The objective is to deliver the message and values of Ehsan to the largest community segment during the holy month.

The campaign which will continue throughout Ramadan includes a number of programmes for the elderly that enhances the empowerment and care offered by Ehsan.

Ehsan executive director Mubarak bin Abdulaziz al-Khalifa explained that the campaign was implemented in co-operation with a number of specialists in religious, psychological and physiotherapy fields, in addition to poetry.

The Centre co-operated with Sheikh Yussif Ashir, who presents the religious "Khawatir" programme. The Centre also communicates virtually with female members of various Ehsan Day Clubs to present the "Our Mothers Cook" programme to encourage them to practice their hobbies and remain in touch with them. He pointed out that the episodes were produced remotely using smart phones.

Ehsan co-operated with the researcher and poet Ali bin Abdullah al-Fayyad in a programme titled, From Qatari Old Poetry. He talks about a group of late Qatari poets who are alive in the collective memory, such as the nation's founder Sheikh Jassim bin Mohamed al-Thani and al-Faihani and others. Five episodes of the programme were produced and filmed in al-Fayyad's library that's full of history, valuable books and pictures of the oldest Qatari poets.

The Center also allocated a space for publishing and displaying handicrafts that elderly mothers prepared during the past months in accordance with the empowerment programmes prepared for them. A programme called "Their creations" was produced to show their work.

Ehsan produced a programme titled "Being active is a Blessing". Physiotherapists at the Home Care Department of Ehsan participated in producing this programme, which showed a set of physical exercises that the elderly can perform from home.

The Centre hosted a programme titled Psychological Whispers, presented by Dr Aisha Salman al-Thani, a specialist in psychological counselling, to help strengthen the mental health of the elderly in these exceptional circumstances. It also considers that the policies of social distancing because of the Covid-19 pandemic could be difficult for the elderly, especially during the holy month of Ramadan.

Ehsan is also hosting a weekly Ramadan quiz on its social media platforms. Al-Khalifa added that the Centre is keen to continue communicating with the elderly in light of the Covid-19 pandemic and provide support in all health and psychological aspects.

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