*Qatar will soon see end of peak of Covid-19 cases, says Dr al-Kuwari
*93% cases mild, recovery rate high

Qatar is likely to introduce mandatory quarantining once flights resume and the country will soon see the end of the peak of Covid-19 cases, HE the Minister of Public Health Dr Hanan Mohamed al-Kuwari said on Thursday.

“We will have to keep some measures in place. Countries are now saying that as part of opening up of travel there is going to be mandatory quarantine and that will probably also be the case in Doha,” the Minister told Al Jazeera English.

HE Dr Al-Kuwarir said the proliferation rate of the virus has declined. "The general public is fantastic in complying with the directions, following social distancing and wearing face masks. Best practices are followed and the country will soon see the end of the peak.”

Reiterating that Qatar is very vigilant, the Minister said priority will be given to public safety and least risk for the general population.

“Innovative measures are in place in the health and education sectors to control the pandemic. More online activities are being carried out. Telemedicine is in place and consultations are done virtually,” she said.

The Minister explained that the high number of cases in Qatar is the result of intensive testing. “Infection rates are not high. As much as 93% cases are mild while only 1% is in ICU and 5% hospitalised. Qatar has implemented a unique system to fight Covid-19. Recovery rate is high in Qatar and only 12 deaths have been reported. Qatar has the lowest fatality rate like Singapore."

“We are active in tracing and finding the cases. Persons coming from other countries and those who contacted them are asked to be quarantined at a government facility or home. Cases with high risk are quarantined at government facilities,” she said, adding Qatar has implemented a legal decree to deal with quarantine violators.

"The Covid-19 crisis has resulted in an opportunity for the local industry to produce masks and ventilators. Five hospitals have been dedicated to deal with Covid-19 cases and they are fully equipped and staffed," the Minister said.

"Proper care is being taken in the Industrial Area where all needs of the workers are met. The Ehteraz app will help the public to know if they contacted any infected person,” she said.

HE Dr al-Kuwari also said Qatar is participating in the clinical trial of Covid-19 vaccine.

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