Ooredoo is supporting its global development partner, Doha-based charitable foundation Education Above All (EAA), as it works to ensure continued access to education for children learning from home during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. EAA is dedicated to facilitating access to education for all. 
To date, it has committed to enrol 10.4mn out-of-school children around the world in education, and the current Covid-19 pandemic has only added to the numbers of children currently unable to attend school. Almost 850mn children around the word are being forced to learn from home – a situation challenging for both children and their parents. In an attempt to mitigate the potential negative impact of remote learning, EAA is scaling up home learning options to ensure children remain able to access education. To this end, it has developed a bank of learning resources both digital, for children able to access online learning, and non-digital for those without connectivity, in several languages.
These resources are being made available to these millions of children around the world currently learning from home, ensuring education can remain a priority while allowing communities to adhere to safety protocols. Sabah Rabiah al-Kuwari, director, PR at Ooredoo, said: “In these challenging times, it’s vital we do what we can to ensure continuity of education for your younger generations who are unable to attend school and are reliant on resources to learn from home.
“We’re proud to be supporting Education Above All in their drive to minimise any potential negative impact of learning remotely in this unprecedented situation, and we would encourage our customers and our communities to join us in this support if they can. We wish everyone a safe, blessed Ramadan.” More information on EAA can be found at educationaboveall.org and donations can be made via https://donate.educationaboveall.org/en/home.

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