“Time to rediscover, express yourself in creative ways”
April 23 2020 12:48 AM
WORKSHOP: Amber seen conducting a workshop before the coronavirus outbreak.
WORKSHOP: Amber seen conducting a workshop before the coronavirus outbreak.

It is an accepted notion that a creative person needs time and solitude to ponder over unique ideas and utilise creative skills to materialise these ideas.
In most cases, artistic creativity is pursued as a hobby. People who are busy with their jobs often struggle to find time and serenity to work on their creative ideas. The novel coronavirus pandemic and resultant phenomenon of social distancing can be a good opportunity for creative individuals to make maximum use of their time at home.
Since the outbreak of the virus, psychological and medical experts have been laying stress on the need to get involved in some positive and constructive activities while staying at home to ward off the negativity and stress. With the passage of time, established artists and art teachers have started encouraging people to utilise their creative strains to fight the negative strains.
Amber Rauf, a young Qatar-born Pakistani, is a versatile artist and a much-sought-after teacher. “I consider myself as a contemporary artist. I have been teaching arts for more than four years now. I have mostly been carrying workshops for the art and design enthusiasts.”
Amber, a graduate from Aptech Qatar, further said: “I am a professional surface designer. I design fashion prints collection for local brands in Qatar. Also, for two years, I am giving sustainable awareness talk sessions as a speaker for well-reputed organisations such as Qatar Cancer Society and Green Building Council and this year, I have also given upcycling workshop with Abdullah Abdulghani Toyota Showroom.”
Like many other talented people, Amber has also been taking the heath crisis as an opportunity to do the things she has so far been unable to do due to lack of time. “I am trying to utilise this time by doing things which were impossible or I could not do because I had no time off from my normal daily routine. One of the most important things was that I always wanted to launch my exclusive collection which anyone can buy directly online. Now that I have more time to create art. I am keeping myself busy making a series of art pieces which I will be uploading soon online under my new brand name ‘Finesse Creation’ my focus is currently setting up my online retail shop.”
Having no other option during the unusual times, the young art teacher has also resorted to digital platforms to stay connected with her students. “Well, I started receiving messages from students who previously attended my workshops, and they requested me if I could give online workshops something which they can learn easily from home and also engage their kids in creative activities since schools are closed, and they have plenty of time staying at home. I am trying my best to provide quality art education online by creating PDF lessons which are followed by easy instructions with images, step by step guide to learn without any confusion.
“Also, I am recording videos now, just showing my hands working and making art. Which I think will definitely be more helpful.”
Amber asks all amateur artists and art enthusiasts to do whatever they wanted to because it was the time for them. “This is the best time to do all the things you like; rediscovering yourself, spending time practicing and focusing on your skills for improvement. It can be writing, painting, sketching, pottery, photography, or embroidery. I am sure we all have some kind of creativity within us and this is the time to work on it.
“Keeping yourself busy by doing interesting tasks will keep your mind diverted and stay positive during these circumstances. As everyone and everything is online at the moment, every artist should take advantage of this and promote themselves through social media because people are going to notice you as they are spending more time online. Also, doing some kind of collaboration would be a great idea. For example, you can start an interesting project. If you are good in photography or making videos then you can reach out to your fellow artists and ask them for photography or video editing. Supporting and backing each other at this time will spread good vibes and entertain people.”

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