*The ministry's 'Little Inspector' campaign aims to limit spread of coronavirus

The Ministry of Municipal and Environment (MME) has launched the "The Little Inspector" campaign, as part of efforts of the voluntary work support Initiative committee under the slogan "Your safety is my safety" and within the framework of the State's efforts to limit the spread of Covid-19.
The campaign aims to educate children about the importance of maintaining food safety in homes, training them on the basics of dealing with delivery services, the methods to be followed while receiving food items from a delivery boy, and the procedures necessary to ensure that the food is for safe human consumption.

Majid Burhan al-Zaidan

In this regard, a remote meeting was held via the video conference involving a group of children to communicate with a number of health and food control inspectors, as the discussion focused on the mechanism of dealing with foodstuffs that reach homes through delivery services, whether from restaurants or from various food facilities, and how to apply the necessary health safety measures.
Majid Burhan al-Zaidan, head, health control department at the Al Rayyan Municipality, presented a set of general guidelines for the " Little Inspector", including the need to wear masks and gloves and the correct way to do so, and to ensure that the delivery boy also wears them when receiving the food, leaving a safe distance between them and other relevant instructions.
He stressed that the aim of this project is to achieve the vision of the MME by involving the children in the community service and making use of their energy by entrusting them with a role in fighting this pandemic to protect them and their families, and introducing them to the important health satefy requirements while dealing with food.
Al-Zaidan pointed out that the role of the supervisory authorities in the ministry is to monitor health outside homes and in food establishments, while there is a large role of the "Little Inspector", to cover the part that the former cannot especially in the homes, to ensure safe food access to the consumer, noting that the project continues to include a large segment of children in homes to take advantage of their effective energy to spread awareness and healthy culture.
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