The Lulu Hypermarket Qatar on Thursday warned the public not to fall for fake websites offering $500 coupons for shopping due to the current pandemic situation.

The scammers have launched a website on which people will be asked few simple questions like: Do you think Lulu is the best hypermarket? Will you recommend Lulu Hypermarket to friends and family?

When a user answers in the affirmative, there is the next task-based level, in which a person is asked to send the message to 20 friends or five groups on WhatsApp to receive the $500 coupon to shop at any of the Lulu hypermarkets. There is also an option to make purchases online.

‘This is totally fake news and we have alerted the authorities to take appropriate action. We urge everyone not to fall for such fraudulent messages and not to spread it further. Always refer to Lulu Hypermarket's official social media handles for any updates and announcements,’ said Lulu Management.