Ministries, different government entities and key institutions in the country on Wednesday observed Family Day in Qatar by lighting up their premises in green.

These included the Ministry of Interior (MoI), Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Transport and Communications, Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME), Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs, Ministry of Culture and Sports, Supreme Judiciary Council (SJC), Qatar Olympic Committee (QOC), Qatar Civil Aviation Authority, Qatar University, Family Consulting Centre (Wifaq), Planning and Statistics Authority, Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation (Kahramaa) and Lusail City.

The MME said in a press statement that it participated in the celebrations and put up a billboard bearing the slogan of this year’s celebration in front of its headquarters. The main building of the MME and a number of other premises were lit up in green.

The MME also published messages on its official website and social media accounts about the celebration in order to highlight the celebration and emphasise the importance of the family and its cohesion.

A report on QNA said the SJC celebrated Family Day in Qatar as an occasion to highlight the active role played by the family in preserving the society.

The SJC's celebration of this occasion confirms the role of the family in overcoming the social and psychological repercussions of the coronavirus, supporting psychological and social stability and enhancing family cohesion to overcome the current challenges.

The council's celebration also highlights the importance of family cohesion, the shared responsibility of all its members and the active role of the family in Qatari society.

The Supreme Judiciary Council lit up its main building in Lusail City and the Family Court building in green to mark the occasion.

Highlighting the celebrations, the MoI said it takes part in community event to stress on the importance of the family in safeguarding peace and security as a shared responsibility.

The QOC building was also lit up in green to mark Family Day in Qatar. "Stay at home and keep your family safe," it tweeted.

The other participants, too, highlighted the importance of the family in building a strong, cohesive and stable society.

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