Mahaseel markets 10 million kilos of vegetables in the local market
April 13 2020 05:58 PM
Fresh cucumber from a local farm is sorted and packed
Fresh cucumber from a local farm is sorted and packed


Mahaseel for Marketing and Agri Services Company, a subsidiary of Hassad), has marketed 10mn kg of vegetables in the local market, during the current agricultural season, it was announced on Monday.

"Mahaseel managed to display the added value of the local produce through its production processes (sorting, cleaning, packaging and marketing) with the aim to increase the quantity and enhance the quality of local produce,” said Mohamed al-Sadah, Hassad chief executive.

Mahaseel, markets 30 different vegetable varieties in the local market, through 44 hypermarkets outlets around the country. Moreover, as many as 200 local farms are currently registered with Mahaseel to benefit from the marketing and agricultural services provided to farmers.

Fresh capsicum from a local farm being packed.

Mahaseel is currently working with local farm owners as per two types of contracting programmes: pre-contracting and daily direct contracting, following specific conditions for each programme.

The pre-contracting programme is a guarantee for farmers to sell their produce at a fixed price, without any influence by the market supply and demand factors, thus ensuring a near-constant return once achieved the agreed upon quantities, so the farmer’s main focus will be on the agricultural activity.

Moreover, the company has developed a well-designed work system to ensure an efficient process from receiving the local produce, to sorting, packaging and marketing in the local market, so the product reaches the consumers in the best quality.

Mahaseel aims to contribute to achieving self-sufficiency in vegetables sector and ease the burden on local farmers’ in order to focus on enhancing the quality and quantity of local produce.

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