The Government Communications Office (GCO) has reiterated that "it's crucial to separate fact from fiction" and use official sources only for information on Covid-19.

"The State of Qatar urges all citizens and residents to use official sources of information for updates and guidance regarding Covid-19. For your safety, and that of the community, it's crucial to separate fact from fiction," the GCO tweeted on Saturday.

The tweet was accompanied by a video on "debunking common myths" about Covid-19. These are as follows:

1. Myth - The coronavirus cannot survive in extremely high or low temperatures.

Fact - The coronavirus can be transmitted in all temperatures. Actions such as taking a very hot bath will not kill the virus.

2. Myth - Other vaccines will help protect against the coronavirus.

Fact - Vaccines such as the flu or pneumococcal vaccine do not provide protect against the coronavirus.

3. Myth - The virus is airborne.

Fact - The coronavirus is transmitted through respiratory droplets distributed by coughs and sneezes. It does not linger in the air.

4. Myth - Ingesting dangerous substances such as methanol will kill the virus.

Fact - Ingesting such substances is extremely dangerous and will not kill the virus once it has already entered your body.

5. Myth - There are medicines to prevent and treat the new virus.

Fact - There is not yet a specific medicine recommended to treat coronavirus, but symptoms can be alleviated with appropriate care.